10 Mancunian Gestures

Jasmine has responded to MIF’s show 10000 Gestures to create this series. By studying hand gestures and considering the shapes and forms found within gestures, Jasmine has created 10 unique pieces interpreting the show in her own way.

To emphasise the Manchester connection to the show and the festival, she has studied hand gestures of the people of Manchester in order to create these manifestations. Each bright, hand painted and cut out shape is her interpretation of the forms found, collated to create a window installation. The backdrop of Manchester’s cityscape – photographed from Bruntwood’s Neo building – is an important link bringing MIF’s show back to its city in a more permanent way.

The work seen is a digital creation of images as an imagining of a future installation, visit larsremodel.com. Each collage has been created by hand and then edited digitally to create the pieces.

Created by

Jasmine Walne

Surface Designer

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