New for 2017, the Manchester International Festival had a fresh emphasis on the interplay between the physical and digital realms. In response to this we invited 50 aspiring and emerging creatives from across Greater Manchester to join us in a three-month programme.

The Creative50 included an array of creative practitioners from a range of disciplines, including writers, filmmakers, visual artists, designers, performers, poets, musicians and many others. Using new digital tools and technologies to develop their practice, and supported by leading digital practitioners, technologists and creative producers, the community of makers created their own responses to the commissions of the festival with netent. The work was profiled on MIF’s dedicated BBC Live site www.mif.co.uk/live during the festival period.

The Creative50 programme is delivered by MIF in partnership with Bruntwood. Supported by Arts Council England’s Ambition for Excellence. 
We would like to thank the fantastic mentors and facilitators on the project: Kate Andrews, Matt Andrews, Alex Nelson, Dan Hett, Christian Payne, Antonio Roberts, Asa Calow, Natalie Kane, Ben Caley, Natasha Hodgson. Special thanks to Siemens, BBC and MIF17 artists and creative teams.


Portrait images & film: © Tarnish Vision