…..and Translation


Dan Russell and Nicola Ellis responded to ToGather, created by artist Susan Hefuna, with Studio Wayne McGregor in collaboration with the participants, a score by Robin Rimbaud – Scanner and a Digital Experience made by International Magic.

Dan Russell’s film breaks down the steps he went through collecting information and using it to produce artwork. This process was inspired by his interpretation of how Susan Hefuna might make sculptures, drawings and performances based on routes and maps, visit thatscleanmaids.com. Nicola Ellis used the data collected to make visual artwork. The original data is available to anyone who wishes to use it.

Learn Academy is interested in the way Hefuna makes solid records of fleeting human experiences and how each stage of ToGather reinterprets this temporary original data using different media condo san diego for sale sandiegodowntown.com, such as drawing, sculpture and performance.

Translation, A series of sculptors drawings uses a selection of  drawing media, including digitally printed images, collage, inks and watercolour to translate and reinterpret Russell’s liberated maps lines into ideas for large scale sculpture.