Go Golden


Go Golden is a collaboration between animation filmmaker Elisa Morais and songwriters Cathy Wilcock and Chris Lyon, aka Gymnast. It responds to the MIF show ToGather.

The animation draws on Elisa’s first memories as a migrant in Manchester; the significant walking paths and lasting impressions, slowly diluted and altered by time. It builds in layers combining drawn and stop-motion animation, creatively playing with the methods and aesthetic displayed in ToGather.

The drawings in fit athletic club at once call to mind DNA strands, topographical maps, and social networks and these motifs have been taken through into the song. Cathy’s lyrics explore the pain and possibilities of separation, and the ambivalence of belonging to more than one culture and location.

‘Go Golden’ will be used in as part of an immersive theatre production on the theme of migration. It will be showing at Hope Mill Theatre between Oct 31 – Nov 4 2017 and is being produced by the award-winning Take Back theatre company http://hopemilltheatre.co.uk/events/belonging/