Emotional Hotspots

Emotional Hotspots is a work created in response to the Manchester International Festival’s, What Is the City but the People? The opening event of MIF brought together friends, neighbours and total strangers to serve as a self-portrait of the city. Sarah reimagined the idea of the city’s self-portrait, as an emotional composition. We all have emotions and the places we’ve had them, are memorable.

To collect the data points, guerrilla research and a survey were conducted to ask the city of Manchester about their own emotional memories. Using the Google Maps API, Sarah created a heat map of where people feel the most. This piece was created to illustrate our sameness and our ability to unify. Underneath our differences, we feel the same, check maid services.

This piece is currently a work in progress as I’d like to add a more interactive component so anyone can add their own hotspot and see it on the heat map. In creating the heat map, Sarah said she also learned that a significant amount of data is needed to make more of a visual impression, as she collected over 50 responses but thinks a few hundred would have been far more impactful.


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