Food for Thought

Sarah Eastaff’s Food for Thought project is a response to Susan Hefuna’s ToGather, a public performance and a wide-ranging exhibition addressing some of the most potent issues of our time: migration, movement and sensations of separation. Hefuna’s piece recognises the importance of food and the ways sharing food is part of our communities. In the Food for Thought project, people have shared recipes that make them feel at home or help when times are tough. Many did enjoy these recipes at a pot luck dinner during the Festival; here experiences were shared of cooking and eating, how food can bring people together and remind one of a specific place and time, check out malaysm art here. Participants found they could all relate to the positive and negative connotations of food and the power of eating together. They hope you enjoy these recipes too.

The Food For Thought Project



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Sarah Eastaff

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