One night in Gorilla

In describing the concept behind Dark Matter, Mary-Anne Hobbs reflected on her experiences as a youth in the Haçienda and what this tells us about what makes a ‘good night’. Nights out are always transient experiences, a temporary holding together of intoxicated strangers in a room, real for a brief few hours then lost forever. Sometimes these experiences can change us forever. But can this ever be captured? People try when they hold their phone up to a performer, but do they succeed? This represents an attempt to capture the ‘essence’ of Kojey Radical’s gig at Dark Matter. Instead of a polished video taken from a high-end smartphone, it is a DIY collage of lo-fi sound and quick snaps. Pictures of signs, of the back of heads, of the rubbish on the floor. Sounds of the doorwoman, of the roar of the crowd, of, as Kojey says at one point ‘the energy’.

Created by

Isaac Rose

Producer / Curator

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