One Sided Story

In response to One of Two Stories. or Both, Laura Taylor was created, a twitterbot that represents a multiple of individuals of varying backgrounds, ages and ethnicities who live in a two mile radius from one another, in Oldham, Greater Manchester. Laura is a mixture of any five individuals from the area at any given time, her surname ‘Taylor’, the most common surname in the area.

Laura was imagined to create a glimpse into the events within different lives of people living in the same town. What are the stories unfolding right there, right now? What would a representation of these diverse set of individuals look like, talk about and express about their life? How misrepresentative and random could this twitterbot become, similar to the misunderstandings and hearsay that happen when stories are retold?

Follow Laura @One_Sided_Story and listen to her version of stories unfolding in Oldham right now. More about the project can be found here

Created by

Rizwana Hussain 

Digital Experience Designer

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