Renegade Returns:

London to Oldham and beyond…

Explore in a 60 second Instagram style video four years of Jamie Starboisky’s life from leaving the bright lights of recession hit London in 2010 to returning home to the dark skies of Oldham and moving back into his parent’s house. Four years later following his longing for the London gay club scene subsiding, working several nightmare call-centre jobs, and his subsequent loss in direction and loneliness he dreams of escaping. Out of the darkness, in the time-lapse as he sleeps, he discovers love and a new inspiration and decides to create the first Queer Media Festival. Jamie like Eribon, the writer of the book Returning to Reims, went through the same process of returning to the parental home and his working class roots and faced the disconnection and homophobia that surrounds that journey.

Created by

Jamie Starboisky

Founder of Queer Media Festival

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