Two Journeys

This piece is a response to Ceremony. They are gifs, a medium chosen for its prominence in contemporary internet culture. ‘Ceremony.gif’ considers the statue’s journey through Europe to Manchester, and examines how the image of Engels himself as well as the question of public housing (which Engels wrote widely on) is common in many of the places the statue visited. ‘Nopasaran.gif’ considers a different journey – from Manchester to Europe. This is the journey of those who volunteered in the 1930s to fight fascism in the Spanish Civil War. Taken together, the piece considers how progressive ideas have always been transnational and have inspired people from different countries to act in solidarity with one another. At a time when national borders are being violently reasserted, this fact is more relevant than ever. The story of progressive internationalism, as represented in both gifs, needs to be told again and again.

Created by

Isaac Rose

Producer / Curator

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